BP International

E-learning, Talent and Leadership Development

Designing and building internal web portals, creating email marketing, graphic design, print and photography. Working with stakeholders and understanding their requirements, developing rich experiences based around user need.

Working for the Online and Informal Learning team, an e-learning department within Talent and Leadership development, tasked with delivering rich and engaging media for the BP staff. This was initially a three month contract which eventually ran for 11 renewals lasting three years. Many of the projects I worked on support large initiatives to train staff, communicate ideas and practical tips on being a better employee.

Project type

  • Portals
  • Visual Design
  • Email Design
  • UX
  • UX Prototyping
  • UX Experience Mapping
  • UX Storyboards
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Image Editing
  • jQuery
  • PDFs
  • Print work
  • Photography


  • Photoshop CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • InDesign CC
  • Acrobat Pro DC
  • Google Analytics
  • E-circle Teradata
  • Agile Methodology

Creating interactive PDFs documents

Not everything at BP was an online solution. I created interactive PDF documents to help managers communicate their teachings, for guidance and forms filling. Interactive PDfs are better designed and created in Adobe InDesign. Once approved, they can be easily exported into PDF for final checking.

The Leadership Development Portal

The Leadership Development portal was a internal website aimed at the leaders of BP. It provided learning for each leadership level and online learning resources. I was solely responsible for the design, build and maintenance of this portal. The portal was hosted with an internal platform based on DotNetNuke content management system called ‘Web Advantage’ and I was also responsible for the management of new user’s access and contribution to the portal. This site lasted for about 2.5 years before another initiative to migrate to Sharepoint 2013.

The sketched for the Leadership Development design can be found at Leadership Develop site plan (non-responsive)

Global Learning Management System

BP has a GLMS which tracks everyone's learning journey and I was tasked with creating a small portal to support it. I met with the application owner and we drew out a portal structure. I wireframed the sketch into solid proposals before adding the content. This meant generating images and infographics, coding the HTML pages and delivering the site finished and on time. The portal infographics were regularly updated each month with new figures which I actioned.

BP Email Newsletters

There are various inherited newsletter designs for internal announcements at BP. These started out as visuals which were then approved by the stakeholder. Once agreed, the approved concept was then structurally built in HTML before the content was added. I generally kept the content separate to the structure, so any last minute changes can be adjusted without any hold ups. I create a simple wireframe design with the final content flowed in and submit back to the client. We then enter a committee based design process where content and layout is discussed. Final changes are made and the newsletter is processed through Teradata eCircle.

Responsive emails at Hotpoint

'The Hub' Email Newsletters

I created a series of email newsletters for ‘The Hub’. A newsletter which could be reused each month with new content while keeping the basic structure and promotional panels. I didn’t want to use too many links and by creating different areas to work the content, the layout looks clean and clear. All the links within the email are referenced with the email submission date for easy tracking in Google Analytics too. I built the basic structure within Photoshop. Each communication was an iteration of the previous newsletter.

BP Weblearn Email Newsletter

One of my first jobs at BP back in 2011 was to rework the Weblearn email. Previously, it was full of links promoting the Weblearn Online Tool. This seemed like a duplication of effort and I decided to reduce the links and request content each month. The email started to take shape and they stopped promoting the unused links.

Traditional emails at AstraZeneca

BP Staff Portraits

I photographed many of the staff at BP. It started out with a small project team who needed images for their newsletter. It soon became regular bookings each month. I loved the flexibility at BP. The projects were broad, interesting and challenging.